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North Stars Community Leaders in Conversation: Race, Justice & Art

From April - September 2017, Eastern State Penitentiary and ART SANCTUARY are partnering for the North Stars Community Leaders in Conversation (CLIC) Program.

This incredible offering gives youth the amazing opportunity to partake in studio tours with artists and activists across the city; work with teaching artists to create original artwork that will be displayed in the Art Sanctuary gallery; and participate in timely and important discussions and events at Eastern State. Youth participants will have the unique opportunity to learn from each other, artists, activists, and other local creators and professionals around the ways art, race, activism, and restorative justice intersect. Applications close March 24th and we currently have a few spaces left for exceptional youth who would love to participate. Please share the application link with any young people you know, or folks who work with them. Thank you for spreading the word! 

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Friend of Art Sanctuary Danielle Woelpper responds to MLK’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail by answering suggested writing prompt 4:

“Justice is a patriotic word. It is used too freely sometimes. It has been redefined though it can only be defined in one way. Justice is doing what is right…”

Read the full response here.


Friend of Art Sanctuary Louis A Davis, Jr. delivers a powerful message as he re-imagines King’s words concerning present-day youth conflict in Philadelphia:

“‘We haven’t learned to be disagreeable without being violently disagreeable. It needs to be recognized that our youth are under the constant influence of propaganda. This dissemination of ideas and practices are both positive and negative in regard to what they propagate. For the most part our youths have internalized those ideas and practices that continue the social controls that must be, in order to maintain a safe and sane society. However, there has been a small segment that has internalized ideas and practices that run contrary to the well-being of our culture… At the core of these ideas are a lack of respect and sanctity for human life and the well-being of the community, with selfishness as the driving force. How could it not be, given they come from the boasts of criminals and misguided wannabes. With the economy in shambles and urban joblessness continually at an alarmingly high rate, too many of our youths are turning to the streets to make a name and a living. As a result, there has been a deluge of youthful imprisonment and youths killing youths!”"

Read the full letter here.

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