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Chapter 7 - Turiya S.A. Raheem

“I grew up thinking I could be anything I wanted to be.” 

Turiya S.A. Raheem is not only a talented author and writer, she is a gifted journalist and educator. The author of “Growing Up in The Other Atlantic City” worked as a copy editor with the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Washington Post newspapers early in her writing career. Later, she discovered her passion for teaching while homeschooling her five daughters. Turiya taught English a several public, private and alternative schools in the Washington, D.C./suburban Maryland area as well as Northern Virginia Community College. Currently, Turiya writes a column for Atlantic City Weekly titled ‘The Other Atlantic City,’ teaches English at Atlantic Cape Community College, and spends her free time writing her own work. In the latest episode of ‘In the Sanctuary,’ Turiya sits down with Art Sanctuary Executive Director Valerie Gay to discuss her passion for writing, the encouragement that helped her discover that passion, her ‘sanctuary’ and much more. 

For more information and to purchase Turiya Raheem’s book go to: http://www.amazon.com/Growing-Up-Other-Atlantic-City/dp/1450007554

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