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Chapter 9 - Hilary Beard and Hannibal Lokumbe

“[Sanctuary] is a place to come to know the divine of who you are.”

Philadelphia’s very own Hilary Beard is a well-known author, editor, and multimedia journalist. Her book ‘Promises Kept: Raising Black Boys to Succeed in School and Life’ is the companion book to the award-winning documentary,American Promise. With ‘Promises Kept,’ Hilary hopes to help African American boys and girls reach their full potential by discussing key issues – such as ‘should you parent [your child] the same way your parents reared you?’ – and presenting key findings. World-renowned Jazz trumpeter, composer and activist, Hannibal Lokumbe, is a music legend. Throughout his career, he has studied, performed, and recorded alongside famous musicians and bandleaders including John Coltrane, Roy Haynes, Elvin Jones and Pharoah Sanders. What’s more, Hannibal, commissioned by the Kimmel Center and in partnership with Art Sanctuary composed the groundbreaking ‘Can You Hear God Crying’ project, which premiered as part of the Kimmel Center’s 10th Anniversary Season. The project detailed one man’s journey from despair and enslavement to a greater understanding of faith and spirituality. Recently, Hannibal introduced the world to his latest work, his book “Trilogy Freedom Dance Cycle.” This book is a bloody, heroic tale of the Civil Rights Movement. In the latest episode of ‘In the Sanctuary’ Art Sanctuary Executive Director Valerie Gay sits down with New York Times best-selling author Hilary Beard celebrated Jazz trumpeter Hannibal Lokumbe to discuss their passion for writing, what inspires them, their sanctuary and more.

For more information and to purchase, go to http://www.hanniballokumbe.com/ AND http://www.hilarybeard.com/.

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