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Our arts integration education program helps youth develop tools to digest and address social issues that they find relevant.  Each of the school and site partnerships begin with our assessment process that includes determining the school’s assets and needs, the most appropriate teaching artists to place in the school, based on content area and schedule, and whether we can be partnered with a classroom teacher in either an English, History or Social Studies class, the most logical subjects to align with and offer curricular support around the Civil Rights Movement.  Students explore relevant social movements from the Civil Rights area, and then are encouraged to express their interpretation of modern day issues via some form of the arts (including visual art, dance, writing, plays or theater). We work to ensure the reinforcement of core 21st Century Skills, especially those related to Learning and Innovation Skills, including creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving and communication and collaboration.

The Curriculum is a series of eight (8) thematic modules that have been designed to work in either sequential order or in isolation, and is based on a film, book and 2 essays: Standing on My Sisters’ Shoulders is a 60-minute film that documents the lives of black and white women in Mississippi in the 1950s and 1960s that individually and collectively propelled the Civil Rights Movement. The film is accompanied by a booked entitled, Pieces From the Past: Voices of Heroic Women in Civil Rights, which tells the stories of mostly unknown women in short narratives.  Additionally, students explore a letter written by James Baldwin in the 1960s to his nephew of the same name, and an essay written by Langston Hughes in the 1940s.

We are currently in five (5) schools (elementary, middle and high schools), and are working with 245 students.  We anticipate adding three (3) new schools in Spring 2016.

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Art Sanctuary uses the power of black art to transform individuals, create and build community and foster cultural understanding.

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